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tv   Crash Override  CSPAN  June 24, 2017 10:31am-10:48am EDT

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[inaudible] >> you're watching the tv and c-span2. television for serious readers. here's a primetime lineup. at 7:00 p.m. eastern former house speaker newt gingrich talks about his experiences with donald trump from his presidential campaign to his time in office. then at apm, we sit down with author and journalist and discuss the writing my from his home in new york city. a book tvs afterwards programs at 10:00 p.m., financial expert report on how low and moderate income families much money. their book is "the financial diaries". at 11:00 p.m., we explore urban revitalization. that happens on c-span twos book
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tv. >> you're watching the tv on c-span2, television for serious readers. we are in new york city at the annual trade show. what we like to do during the summers preview some of the fall books coming up. next we want to introduce you to zoe. she is the author of this book, crash override, how gamer gate nearly destroyed my life and how we can win the fight against online hate. what you do for a living? >> my day job is an independent developer. >> let's go to the game or part of that, what exactly do you do? >> a lot of stuff. i'm an independent game developer so i make most of the stuff on my own. i'm a programmer, writer, artist and i usually -- nobody needs to
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hear my terrible music ever again. it's a bit of everything. i tried to make it move for people who don't silly think a game subject to school. >> host: but part of a game do you develop. >> guest: [inaudible] >> host: describe what happens in this game. arianna ts for something? >> i try to make my design as accessible as possible. so you just go to the website and the controls are simple. you're given a situation where a partner calls you and ask you to go to a party and represents the player with the choices like normal healthy options of going out and having fun with your friends. you're given other options that try to show through getting the
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players who actually don't show what it's like to blake snap out of it. it's a game about taking things away. >> how did you get into this? >> i learn from other independent game developers. the community is very active and welcoming. there's a big community and giving back and resources to other people. >> how big is this world of game? >> guest: pretty big. if you consider how many people are playing games on their phones almost everybody plays games now. there's boardgames, video games, there's people making cool art games and interactive experiences.
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>> something happened while you were game. >> guest: what happened is an abuse of a next boyfriend i decided he couldn't control me anymore he tried to get the internet to do for him. he went on this rambling post to cause as much harm as possible taking it a perfect target for the different tabloids and undercurrents of hatred and on the internet to wrap me up in a nice little bow he tried to make a go viral. like trying to ruin your ex-girlfriend's life. >> host: how close to come?
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>> guest: he works quite well. i constantly still get death threats, that photos of me find out where i lived. one person spent upwards of five figures to do research on the intake through my trash. on outside a gaming with friends, right wing with what people call the alt right. all of them sort of i was the target because i refuse to back down call it what it was. >> host: what is this have to do with -- wasn't an all right thing? >> guest: one of the first people to capitalize on this was -- breitbart -- i think -- it links to new photos a man my
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dad's home address and stuff like that. it's personal and nonpersonal at all at the same time but the gaming side was the fact that so many people from all different walks of life are making games in there like know this is mine you can't be here elements of a and then the elements of people who like yelling at anybody they perceive to be remotely feminist there so many nightmare trash that wind up purposefully and i was at the wrong place. >> so when you first found this log post online where were you? how did you find it? >> you found me. was out with friends with my new boyfriend and we are about he was going to accept a job in
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france we're celebrating my birthday my phone started buzzing and buzzing it's kind of like counting the thunderbolts the time between buses got shorter and shorter in my phone going off with all these really sexually charged threats i had to work backwards from math. all i knew is a friend of mine has said i don't know if you noticed but someone just registered on his forearms and posted this really far out there thread about you, got deleted immediately and he shopped around until he found a place that didn't really care and ran it. i just watched the rest of the night i got used to screen
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shouting everything. one thing people don't believe you have a recorded history of everything gigabytes and gigabytes of this unfolding. it's weird effort. >> so trash override where did that title come from? >> guest: it came from what is more important to the story which is what we did about it. my boyfriend at the time who have the cofounded we use to meet friends for -- drinks and for the next few months if we left more than ten minutes we had laptops with us. battery charges so no matter where we were we could see a mine. another independent game developer i got hacked so he and
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i went into action. so crash override is when i could open that so they gave it that name and also because overriding this thing crashing down around you felt like a double meaning. i did not want the book to just be about look at this terrible thing that happened. what did i do about it and what can we do about it what works and what doesn't. that's the book i wanted to write. >> when did you get involved in this was it in your youth? >> guest: i grew up isolated but i was a gamer but a weird one. i didn't have a nintendo or playstation growing up. my dad had gotten the 3d0 is
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like $700 at launch is like computer-generated graphics and it's like you can't get better graphics and real people except the acting was terrible and the games aren't that good. so i played that i'm being a weird kid about it. wasn't until later that i got into the mainstream computer gaming i cobbled together computer from spare part it took me a while to actually get into mainstream gaming. about ten years behind. my dad had gotten a council and 97 or 99. but i started to meet other gamers online. that's when i entered a community in started playing
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games competitively. it wasn't until his 23 that i knew i can make a game i sell. seem like this magical things that happened with hundreds of people somewhere else. >> were you one of the few women at this point? it's hard to say because there's definitely always been people who are not men and games like they don't get as much, it's a trade-off. the numbers are smaller for sure. it's definitely underestimated how many there are. >> from your book, crash override we really need to interrogate the traditional wisdom the mostly white, mostly male, mostly western decision-makers have touted as answers to online harassment we
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need it diverse range of thinkers to be actively welcome into the conversation. was the background on that? >> think that came largely from going to a number of silicon valley companies to established channels were someone comes to us and are having a crisis immediately we can go to the partners and say here's this relationship we know that they are in this is something you don't want it on your platform, otherwise the reporting system significant volume of stuff that is nothing. the problem i would run into is everybody i was talking to in leadership positions were white men or white women who thought that involving the police for example was the best possible situation which doesn't make
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sense if you are ready and marginalized person where and we live in a place where the people can call in a fake bomb a threat if they get their address. hoping a swat team will go there and yell think someone is breaking in a resistant bill shoot you dead. send that institution has numerous issues with violence with marginalized people being the solution to a problem that marshall is people faces tone deaf. so pushing it off to say that we just need better laws is negligent. every time i'm in these rooms with other people who were brought in to have that playing alongside would have the same conversations over and over and
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having to tell these basic facts of know this is not the experience of this marginalized person or did you even think about policies or it's directed at people and they threaten or harass people. it just looks like a game to them. how can it be a threat. so that's one of the reasons why things are needed and so people make in our laws to having everybody make these decisions and not have these is frustrating. i can't even give all of them because i have my own motivations. >> host: the book is called crash override.
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how gamers their lease destroyed my life and how we can win the fight against online hate. it publishes in september. >> this week in a book tv on c-span2, today at noon eastern from the franklin delano roosevelt library in hyde park, new york the annual rita festival featuring presentations about roosevelt and politics. authors include stea steve toomd the 12 days to the attack. geraldine hawkins and her book elliott and eleanor roosevelt. the story of father and daughter in the gilded age. and the gatekeeper, fdr and the untold story of the partnership that defined the presidency. in the last months of franklin roosevelt at 8:00 p.m. eastern a conversation with best-selling author from his home in new york
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city. >> the books i published last couple of years are the same kind of our characters written by an 85 yoga but it's a 25-year-old guy was writing about when i was that age. >> 's he talks about his career last 60 years. his books include the kingdom and the power, under they father, and unto the sons. >> i wanted to write about unknown people. a woman that was maybe an central park or maybe a little woman who clean the offices of the chrysler building at 4:00 o'clock in the morning or some doorman outside the plaza hotel and what he saw and what he didn't see. i wanted to write about sometimes what it was like to be a best driver in manhattan articling subways, obscure characters that ordinary people to not recognize. i wanted to be a chronicler of those on recognized


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